From the first day I met Jacinta I knew she was the one ... to make my wedding dress! I met Jacinta after weeks of trailing through shopping rails and images on online to no avail. So I knew it was going to take someone special to create exactly what I had in mind. We sat down together in her comfortable warm welcoming home and the drawing began. I was slightly hesistant at broaching the idea of blue but when I did I was so relieved when Jacinta lit up at the idea. We ran with the idea and spent hours flicking through fabrics of blue and turquoise to lace and polka dot. The whole process was fun and exciting. Over the months leading up to the wedding I would drive to meet Jacinta filled with excitement and leave her home looking forward to coming back. On the day of the wedding I put on the dress knowing it was exactly how I had envisioned it. The design and fit was perfect and most importantly I felt like me in it. The skirt flowed in the wind and complemented my surroundings.  Blue is the colour of the traditional Irish wedding dress, and where less better to wear it than an Irish Island, Inis Mor. Before the first dance I whipped off the skirt to reveal, to everyone’s amazement, a pencil skirt underneath. I danced the night away, feeling amazing and happy never to take the dress off again!
Working with my sister, Jacinta on my wedding dress was one of the most wonderful experiences I have to treasure. She sourced the most timeless vintage fabric for my skirt, an antique tulle skirt which we lined with a delicate shell pink and she also found the most sweet antique feeling lace centre piece for the top half of my dress. For my veil, which was my most treasured piece, she selflessly used a piece of lace from her own collection that she had from her travels collecting fabrics over the years, which she incorporated in to my little fairytale bell straps. My wedding dress and veil were created beyond my dreams. Jacinta's love and passion over flowed in her creation. Being so overwhelmingly happy with my dress set my day up perfectly, so much so I couldn't stop smiling all day as I felt radiant in it. I'm only sad I won't get to wear it again. Thank you to my dear sister for making the dress of my dreams.
I loved the experience of working with Jacinta, from the start she understood exactly what I wanted and it was amazing to have my wedding dress created just for me, it was gorgeous down to every last detail. I wanted something relaxed, simple and timeless and I was delighted with the outcome. I felt the dress suited me perfectly, it flowed beautifully and reflected how I wanted to feel on my big day - happy and relaxed. I would recommend Jacinta to anyone looking for a one-off unique dress, she listens and has so much practical experience of working with brides! I wish I could do it all over again!
Not really happy with the idea of a traditional bridal gown I went to Jacinta with a really obscure idea in my head of what I wanted which was difficult to envision - even for me!!!! I wanted something bespoke and vintage looking, that appeared to hold memories of old within each fold of fabric. Jacinta worked to produce the dress from my idle ramblings which I'm sure had her pulling her hair out at times! She was so friendly and approachable and working with her was like chatting to a close friend over a coffee. She made the experience throughly enjoyable and if I wasn't still happily married I'd love to do it all again.