Couture Bridal Gowns Designed with Love for a Boundless, Contemporary Bride

“When I work with the bride not only am I the designer, but I encourage the bride to become a designer too. I take inspiration from fabrics, textures, nature, colours, even a bride or groom’s nationality can influence a dress. I want the dress to reflect the bride’s personality or clear sense of self, but also to compliment her figure and to stand out as the one-off creation it is meant to be. I want each individual gown to live on not only in the brides’ memory, but in the memories of each and everyone who set eyes on her.

I sketch and measure, choose fabrics and colours, make mock dresses, and even remake them where necessary, and then create each dress by hand, detail by detail. Whether that be beading, hand-painting, trapping dried flowers between two sheer pieces of fabric embroidering or felting, it is all to achieve that one dress for that one girl, for perfection. A simple comment from a bride like ‘My father was Scottish, but he isn’t with us anymore’ can set my mind racing with endless possibilities.  I know how important it is for this girl to feel her father’s presence at her wedding – thistles hand painted onto the softest silk might echo those ideas, and make the memory of her father more present on that day when his absence is felt most.”

– Jacinta

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