Couture Bridal Gowns Designed with Love for a Boundless, Contemporary Bride

Honeysuckle Earth Collection

This collection was inspired by the desire to achieve an Irish Couture Bridal collection without compromise. Using new technology fibres such as Rose Petal fabric which looks and falls like silk, we believe our Goal was achieved.

Oyster Collection

Beautiful gowns and alternative pieces inspired by the rugged Irish coast. Using natural fabrics, relying on drape and fall on the female form to achieve bridal beauty. The Oyster Collection allows the beauty of the female form to shine bright.

Tapestry Collection

The tapestry collection was inspired by a beautiful printed floral silk. The quality and fall of the fabric was amazing and my creative brain went into overdrive when I first saw it. As soon as I started designing, I wanted to create a collection where the collars, pockets and cuffs were allowed to dictate everything else. It was an exhilarating challenge.